The Model 9100 STS 5 Telemetry System provides a remote monitoring solution for Solinst dataloggers. The STS 5 System uses the latest in wireless technology to connect a number of remotely located dataloggers to a central Access database, or for viewing continuous, real-time data.

STS 5 Telemetry Systems use a standardized Remote Station hardware setup that includes a GSM modem. A user-supplied lead-acid 12V battery provides power. There are also options for back-up power, including solar panels or direct AC. The communication options are flexible to suit each site.

Programming remote networks is simplified using the intuitive STS/RRL Telemetry Software. The Software is used to create sampling and reporting schedules. The software also provides a simple method to store and manage your own data.

Communication from the Home Station computer is two-way; therefore, you can program alarms to be sent as e-mail when a high, low, or a certain percentage change is detected in the field.

Maintenance is made simple through remote diagnostic reporting, and the ability to update the data collection schedule from the Home Station.

By eliminating manual data collection, STS 5 Telemetry provides an efficient and convenient method of collecting remote data. Less time and money is spent traveling to each site, and without datahosting fees, there are further cost savings.

The Model 9200 RRL 5 Remote Radio Link is an inexpensive solution for creating a closedloop network of Solinst dataloggers. The RRL 5 is excellent for local sites such as landfills, golf courses, or mine sites. Radio communication has the benefit of no service fees, and no loss of data due to signal issues. RRL 5 radios can transmit data up to 30 km/20 miles (line-of-sight).

RRL 5 Stations have standardized hardware, therefore they have the flexibility to be programmed as a Home Station or Remote Station. Setup is simple using a “Wizard” in Solinst Telemetry Software. The Stations are powered by 6 replaceable 1.5V AA lithium batteries and are small enough to fit inside a 2″ well cap.