Choose Direct Read deployment if you wish to connect and communicate with your Levelogger in the field, without removing it from the well. Choose wireline or Kevlar cord to minimize costs, and if you do not require communication while the Levelogger is recording down-well.

Leveloggers use high-speed optical communication. To begin using your Solinst Levelogger, a USB Desktop Reader 5 or Field Reader 5 connects it to a laptop or desktop PC for programming with Levelogger Software.

A Desktop Reader 5 or Field Reader 5 is all you need if you are planning to deploy your Leveloggers using wireline or Kevlar cord. The Reader allows you to program your Levelogger before deploying it. Upon retrieval, the Reader is used to download data to your laptop or desktop PC.

If you are deploying your Levelogger using an L5 Direct Read Cable, you will also need a PC Interface Cable. The PC Interface Cable connects an L5 Direct Read Cable to a Laptop for communication with a Levelogger while it is still deployed.

Users can also customize their own deployment method based on their application needs, especially surface water applications. A Biofoul Screen provides extra protection against biofouling. Artesian well adaptors are also available.