Multilevel Systems multiply the number of discrete sampling points in your monitoring well by up to a factor of 24

Solinst have sold thousands of multilevel systems over the years. Now more than ever, Hydrogeologists are increasingly recognizing that multilevel technology is unique and valuable in providing detailed discrete data in one vertical profile.

Benefits of installing Multilevel Monitoring wells on your site include:

  • Obtain defensible data that saves valuable time.
  • Improve decision making due to superior data collection.
  • Reduce risk factors associated with cross contamination when complicated site conditions are identified.

CMT Multilevel System consists of 7 discrete zones. Zones are packed off using bentonite to eliminate vertical contamination between sand packed sampling ports. Depth discrete data obtained from CMT increases risk assessment accuracy, improves decision making, optimizes performance of site remediation, and provides vertical hydraulic head data for model calibration. Narrow 3-channel option as well.

The Waterloo System is used to obtain groundwater samples, hydraulic head measurements, and permeability measurements from up to 7 discretely isolated zones in a single borehole. They provide 3D data of contaminant flow and concentrations, cost savings through fewer drilled holes, and accurate data for site interpretation and assessment. Systems are customized to meet the needs of each product.