embOS-Ultra ARM Embedded Studio

embOS-Ultra for Arm was developed for and with Embedded Studio and can be used with any Arm device.

Board support packages (BSPs) for different Arm devices and evaluation boards are included.

Resources and performance data

Memory usage
Kernel ROM2100 Bytes
Kernel RAM144 Bytes
Task RAM: Task control block48 Bytes
Task RAM: Minimum stack size48 Bytes
Context switching time264 Cycles (0.42 ┬Ás with Xilinx XZ7Z007S running at 600 MHz)
Interrupt latency timeZero

Board support packages

embOS-Ultra for Arm and Embedded Studio may be used on any Arm device. The most recent release includes the following board support packages (BSPs), but further board support packages may easily be created based on this release.

CPUEvaluation board
Microchip (Atmel) AT91SAM7S256Microchip (Atmel) AT91SAM7S-EK
Microchip (Atmel) AT91SAM9263Microchip (Atmel) AT91SAM9263-EK
Renesas R7S72100Renesas Starter Kit RZ/A1H
Xilinx XC7Z007SSEGGER emPower Zynq
Texas Instruments TMS570Texas Instruments TMS570LS12x Launchpad