embOS-Safe has customers covered thanks to strict compliance with IEC 61508, the functional safety standard referenced in numerous derived standards and sectors and certification in accordance with TÜV SÜD, Germany. These safety standards serve to demonstrate the high quality of SEGGER’s development process. This makes embOS-Safe perfectly suited as a fundamental component of safety products.

With our professional services, customers can take full advantage of all key RTOS features. This includes multi-tasking, comprehensive communication and synchronization services – including memory protection.

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Safety with certificate

Tested, vetted & certified: the embOS development process upholds the highest standards laid out by TÜV SÜD. Quite simply, embOS-Safe is the ideal fundamental component for any functional safety product.

Consistent interface

The Application Programming Interface (API) is unchanged in relation to embOS. This means existing software parts can be easily (re)used. This helps to use embOS-Safe in existing applications.

Certification kit

For customers, RTOS certification is quick and easy. embOS-Safe comes with a Certification Kit which contains all necessary documents. This includes the comprehensive embOS Safety Manual.

One-stop solution

The (tested, certified) RTOS embOS-Safe is a one-stop solution. This means that users can use an extensive portfolio of outstanding software libraries/middleware, debug probes & production tools.

embOS-Safe upholds safety for all product sectors

The real-time operating system (RTOS) is the most critical component in many safety-critical applications. By using embOS-Safe to isolate safety-critical code, it ensures operation without interference from other tasks. This simplifies the application’s certification.
embOS-Safe has been designed specifically for the safety sector: industrial, medical, automotive and home appliance applications.

home appliance


embOS-Safe is certified in accordance with IEC 61508 SIL3 for usage in industrial applications.


embOS-Safe is certified in accordance with IEC 62304 Class C for usage in medical applications.


embOS is certified in accordance with ISO 26262 for usage in automotive applications.

Home appliance

embOS-Safe is certified in accordance with IEC 61508 SIL3 for usage in home appliance applications.

embOS-Safe & safety management

embOS-Safe enjoys functional safety management thanks to SEGGER’s close cooperation with Embedded Office. The high level of expertise and reliability in both companies made embOS-Safe what it is today. With a common goal in mind, this substantial project was accomplished relatively quickly. Customers can now benefit from an outstanding combination of functional-safety products.


embOS-Safe is available under various Embedded Soft

ware License models and delivered in source code packages. With a wide range of licensing options, embOS-Safe can fulfill commercial requirements as well as technical requirements. All licenses are one-time payments. embOS-Safe is royalty-free and not subscription-based. This makes the software a part of the equipment expenses, keeping the costs static.

The embOS-Safe licenses include:

  • 6 months of updates and support by SEGGER’s Embedded Experts

* Applies to second seat/product and all additional seats/products of the Single Product License and Single Developer License.