RK900-05 Wireless Home Weather Station

RK900-05 Wireless Home Weather Station used to measure the indoor temperature and humidity and outdoor temperature and humidity, atmospheric pressure, light, ultraviolet radiation, wind speed and direction, dew-point,rainfall, large screen color LCD display and built-in large capacity storage function, the product can be through the WIFI meteorological data uploaded to wunderground website, also can through the APP to view data, suitable for installation in the garden, villa, park, country house and other areas.

High Accuracy
Strong Resistance
Convenient Data
Automatic Storage
Solar Power Supply
All-Metal Consruction

High Accuracy

Strong Resistance to Harsh Environment

Convenient Data Download

Automatic Storage and Backup

Solar Power Supply Optional

All-Metal Construction of Bracket


1Display console
1Outdoor sensor
1Indoor sensor
15V DC adapter
1Stainless steel tube (D32*H200mm)
1U style stainless steel loop
1Zip bag for 1pc Allen wrench


Outdoor Temperature-30-+65℃0.1℃±1℃
Outdoor Humidity0-99%RH1%RH±5%RH
Rainfall0-9999mm0.3mm (< 1000mm)
1mm (≥ 1000mm)
Wind speed0-50m/s (0~100mph)0.1m/s± 1m/s (<5m/s) 
±10% (≥5m/s)
Illumination0-400k Lu1Lux±15%
Indoor Temperature-10-+60℃0.1℃±1℃
Indoor Humidity0-99%RH1%RH±5%RH
Barometric pressure300-1100hPa0.1hPa±3hpa
SupplyConsole5V DC adapter (included)
Indoor sensor2*AAA alkaline batteries (not included)
Outdoor sensor3*AA rechargeable batteries (not included)
Transmission distance in open field100m(330 feet)
Communication Frequency433 MHz / 868 MHz / 915 MHz (optional)
Measuring interval outdoor sensor16s
Measuring interval indoor sensor64s
Alarm duration120s

Batteries not included, due to battery is forbidden by air shipping.

1. Wind direction11. Heat index
2. Low battery indicator12. Dew point
3. Weather Forecast / rel. pressure graph / In & Outdoor temperature graph / In & Outdoor humidity graph13. Outdoor Temperature &Humidity
4. UV index14. Indoor Temperature &Humidity
5. Light15. Internet Connectivity
6. Barometric Pressure16. WiFi Connectivity
7. Sunrise/sunset17. Wind chill
8. Moon phase18. Gust
9. Time and date19. Wind speed
10. Rain fall


Wireless Home Weather Station
Wireless Weather Station
Supply, Display, Indoor Sensor, Outdoor Sensor
LCD Display
Applicable Environment