RKL-07 Radar Flowmeter

RKL-07 radar flowmeter can continuously measure the water flow of rivers and open channels, combined with the radar flow meter and the radar water level gauge, the surface velocity and water level are measured in a non-contact manner. For regular channel sections, use conventional mathematical formulas to calculate flow results. For irregular river sections, the flow rate results are obtained by using the point method and calculus calculation. Non-contact measurement method is not affected by sediments, water weeds and other debris, reducing maintenance costs and increasing reliability.

RKL-07 Radar Flowmeter

Excellent Stability
Fast Response 1
Wide Temperature Range Compensation
High Accuracy
Anti Corrosion Material Optional
Strong Resistance Interference

Excellent Stability

Fast Response

Wide Temperature Range Compensation

High Accuracy

Anti-Corrosion Material Optional

Strong Resistance to Interference


ItemTechnical Specifications
range0.1 ~ 20 m/s (It has to do with the flow pattern)0-45m
Accuracy±0.01m/s ;±1%FS1mm
beam Angle12 °10 °
Pitch Angle30 ~ 70 ° (Recommendation 55 ~ 60°; Roll Angle < ±2° is recommended)
Intelligent perception and compensation of attitude AngleAccuracy±0.5°;Resolution±0.1°
SupplyDC6 ~ 30V (suggested use 12 v)
Power consumptionWorking current :80mA@12V; Standby current :55mA@12V
Working temperature40 ℃ ~ + 80 ℃
Protection gradeIP68
Product size313x137x271mm
weight4.3 Kg
Cable length10 m(default), customizable