RKL-05 Radar Velocity Sensor

RKL-05 radar velocity sensor meter is a non-contact radar velocity measurement device, which can effectively monitor.Surface velocity of water flow in various channels and natural channels.The product is easy to install and maintain, and easy to operate.Widely applicable to water.In the fields of literature, flood control and drainage, environmental pollution monitoring, etc., 7×24 hours online monitoring is realized

RKL-05 Radar Velocity Sensor

Excellent Stability
Fast Response 1
Wide Temperature Range Compensation
High Accuracy
Anti Corrosion Material Optional
Strong Resistance Interference

Excellent Stability

Fast Response

Wide Temperature Range Compensation

High Accuracy

Anti-Corrosion Material Optional

Strong Resistance to Interference


ItemTechnical Specifications
range0.1 ~ 20 m/s (It has to do with the flow pattern)
Accuracy±0.01m/s ;±1%FS
beam Angle12 °
Pitch Angle30 ~ 70 °
Intelligent perception and compensation of attitude AngleAccuracy±0.5°;Resolution±0.1°
SupplyDC6 ~ 30V (suggested use 12 v)
Power consumptionWorking current :40mA@12V; Standby current :5mA@12V
Working temperature40 ℃ ~ + 80 ℃
Protection gradeIP68
Product size105*105*60mm
Cable length10 m(default), customizable