RKL-04 Capacitance Fuel Level Sensor

The sensing part of the RKL-04 Capacitance Fuel Level Sensor is a coaxial capacitor, when the liquid enters the condenser caused the change of the sensor shell and sensor capacitance between electrodes, the variation through the subsequent acquisition and conversion circuit and precise linear and temperature compensation, the output field required standard voltage, current, the digital signal, sampling frequency is adjustable. Food grade Teflon and 304 stainless steel material with fully welded structure, high health level, high breaking strength; Long – term stability, high reliability. Used for measuring: oil (gasoline, diesel oil, hydraulic oil, lubricating oil), water (sewage), beverage, medical treatment, chemical and other liquid media, suitable for high and low temperature, or even viscous liquid media occasions. Extremely wide measuring range: 0.03……6m, especially suitable for measuring liquid heights below 500mm.

RKL-04 Capacitance Fuel Level Sensor

Excellent Stability
Fast Response 1
Wide Temperature Range Compensation
High Accuracy
Anti Corrosion Material Optional
Strong Resistance Interference

Excellent Stability

Fast Response

Wide Temperature Range Compensation

High Accuracy

Anti-Corrosion Material Optional

Strong Resistance to Interference


ItemTechnical Specifications
Output4-20mA( 2wires),4-20mA(4wires),RS485(4wires)
Supply Voltage24VDC,220VAC
Resolution±3mm or 0.1%FS(take the maximum value)
DisplayLCD with English
Control output(optional)Relay AC250V/8A or 30V/5A
Power consumption4-wire,without relay:1.9W
4-wire,with relay:3.1W
2-wire,without relay:0.72W
Ingress ProtectionProbe:IP68,Display unit:IP66
Operating TemperatureProbe:-40℃~ +85℃,Display unit:-20℃~ +60℃
Housing materialAnti-aging corrosion resistant engineering plastics
Process connectionRange=0-5m:M48*2
Range=0-10m:G2 or M60*2
Range=0-20m:G3 or M78*2
Range=0-30m:G3 M78*2
Menu settingReference zero point, maximum of measuring range,minimum of measuring range,alarm point,Return difference setting,working mode,response time,parameter correction,communication setting etc
Storage Condition10℃-50℃@20%-90%RH


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