RK500-25 COD Sensor

RK500-25 COD Sensor most organic matter dissolved in water is absorbent to ultraviolet light. Therefore, the content of dissolved organic pollutants in water can be accurately measured by measuring the extent to which these organics absorb UV light at 254nm. The RK500-25 COD sensor adopts two light sources, one is ultraviolet light for measuring COD content in water and the other is reference light for measuring turbidity in water. The optical path attenuation is compensated by a specific algorithm, which can eliminate the interference of particulate suspended matter impurities on the measurement results to a certain extent, thus making the measurement results more stable and reliable.

RK500-25 COD Sensor

Fast Response 1
Excellent Stability
Widely Used
Simple Operation
High Accuracy
High Sensitivity

Fast Response

Excellent Stability

Widely Used

Simple Operation

High Precision

High Sensitivity


ItemTechnical Specification
Measurement PrincipleDual wavelength ultraviolet absorption method
PrincipleFrequency conversion method
RangeTurbidity:range 0-100NTU
COD: 0-370mg / L equiv. KHP
AccuracyCOD: ± 5% F.S
Turbidity:± 5% F.S
ResolutionCOD: 0.1mg/l
Supply10-30VDC(power consumption<0.5W)
Response time<10s
Output SignalRS485
Operating Environment 0-+45℃(<0.4MPa)
Cable length5m(default),customizable
Probe materialTitanium alloy and 316L stainless steel
Ingress ProtectionIP68


Unit: mm

RK500-25 COD Sensor Dimension