RK500-09 Multi-Parameter Water Quality Sensor

RK500-09 multi-parameter water quality sensor adopts an integrated design and can measure up to 8 parameters at the same time. You can choose DO, COD, pH, ORP, EC/salinity, NH4+, turbidity, etc. Using RS-485 output, Modbus-RTU communication protocol, data can be directly transmitted to the acquisition platform.

The multi-parameter water quality sensor is equipped with an automatic cleaning device, automatic cleaning interval time and number of automatic cleaning cycles can be set to adapt to the water quality of different degrees of cleanliness. The automatic cleaning device can effectively clean the surface of the sensor, prevent the adhesion of microorganisms, and greatly reduce the maintenance cost. Each sensor is equipped with a quick-plug waterproof connector, which is easy to disassemble and assemble.

RK500-09 Multi-parameter water quality sensor

Conform WMO Standard
Suitable Harsh Environment
Easy Installation
Visual Desiccant Window
Low Power Consumption
High Sensitivity

Conform to the WMO Standard

Suitable for Harsh Environment

Easy Installation

Visual Desiccant Window

Low Power Consumption

High Sensitivity


Dissolved oxygen sensor
Measuring range0~20mg/L
Turbidity sensor
Measuring range0~100NTU0~1000NTU
Accuracy±3% or ±2NTU±5% or ±3NTU
EC / salinity sensor
Measuring range0~5000uS/cm0~200mS/cm0~70PSU
Accuracy±1.5% F.S.
COD sensor
Measuring rangeCODTurbidity
0~200mg/L equiv. KHP0~100NTU
0~500mg/L equiv. KHP0~200NTU
Accuracy (COD)±5%F.S.
Resolution (COD)0.1mg/L
Accuracy (Turbidity)±5%F.S.
Resolution (Turbidity)0.1NTU
pH sensor
Measuring range0~14pH
ORP sensor
Measuring range-1500mV~+1500mV
HN4+ sensor
Measuring range0~100mg/L0~1000mg/L
Accuracy±10% or ±2mg/L
Measuring range0~50℃
Other Information of Multi-parameter sensor
Cleaning methodAutomatic cleaning
Power consumption5W@12V
power supply12VDC±5%
Cable length5m(default), other lengths can be customized

* The product can be used as a sunshine time sensor Sunshine hours is the sum of time periods that the sun direct irradiance intensity to reach or exceed 120W/m2 time , hour as a unit, a decimal. Sunshine hours is also known as actual irradiance time.