• Completely Integrated Protocol Handling for ISO15693, ISO18000-3, ISO14443A/B, NFCIP-1 (ISO/IEC 18092) and FeliCa.
  • Integrated Encoders, Decoders , Active and Passive Target Operation for All Three Bit Rat es (106 kbps, 212 kbps, 424 kbps) and Card Emulation.
  • RF Field Detector.
  • Integrated State Machine for ISO14443A Anti co llision (Broken Bytes).
  • TI TRF7970A RFID Engine.
  • Operation Temperature range: 40 to +85°C.


The RYRR20I module is a 13.56-MHz RFID. Built-in programming options make the device suitable for a wide range of applications for proximity and vicinity identification systems.

  • RFID cards Reader
  • Mobile Devices (Tablets, Handsets)
  • Secure Pairing (Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, Others)
  • Public Transport or Event Ticketing


Operation Voltage33.33.6VVDD
VOH VDD=3.3V2.533.3VTXD High-level
output voltage
VOL VDD=3.3V00.30.7VTXD Low-level
output voltage
VIH VDD=3.3V2.53.33.3VRXD High-level
input voltage
VIL VDD=3.3V000.7VRXD Low-level
input voltage
RF Output Power2023dBm
RF transmit current90mA
Communication Range5cmStandard card
Reset Time506070ms
Baud Rate115200bps8,N,1
RF Frequency Range13.55313.5613.567MHz
Operating Temperature-4025+85?C