Multiprotocol Fully Integrated 13.56MHz RS-232 Interface RFID Antenna Module

  • Completely Integrated Protocol Handling for ISO14443A/B, ISO15693, FeliCa and ISO18092.
  • ISO14443A support functions :
    1. Mifare Ultraligh UID/memory block reading & memory block writing
    2. Mifare Classic, Plus, Desfire UID reading
  • ISO14443B support functions : UID reading
  • ISO15693 support functions : UID/memory block reading & memory block writing
  • Felica support functions : UID reading
  • ISO18092 support functions : UID reading
  • RF Field Detector
  • Operation Temperature range: -40 to +85°CComplete and customizable firmware command set


The RYRR20D module is a 13.56-MHz RFID. Built-in programming options make the device suitable for a wide range of applications for proximity and vicinity identification systems.


Operation Voltage4.556VVDD
RS-232 Interface Hi level+5.4V
RS-232 Interface Low level-5.4V
Indicator,/RTS/NMI Interface level3.3RXD High-level input voltage
RF Output Power20dBmRXD Low-level input voltage
RF transmit current90mA
Communication Range4cm
RESET_N low duration60msStandard card
Baud Rate19200bps
RF Frequency Range13.55313.5613.567MHz8,N,1
Storage temperature-4025+85˚C
Operating Temperature-4025+85˚C
AntennaInternal PCB Antenna