• Long Range 2.4 GHz transceiver
  • High sensitivity, down to -132 dBm
  • +12.5 dBm, high efficiency PA
  • Low energy consumption, on-chip DC-DC
  • LoRa, FLRC, (G)FSK supported modulations
  • Programmable bit rate
  • Excellent blocking immunity
  • Ranging Engine, Time-of-flight function
  • BLE PHY layer compatibility
  • Semtech SX1280 Engine


The REYAX RYLRC80 module provide ultra long range communication in the 2.4 GHz band with the linearity to withstand heavy interference. This makes them the ideal solution for robust and reliable wireless solutions. They are the first ISM band transceiver IC of their kind to integrate a time-of-flight functionality, opening up application solutions to track and localize people, pets, drones, or objects in a factory. These long range 2.4 GHz products include multiple physical layers and modulations to optimize long range communication at high data rate for video and security applications. Very small products for wearables can easily be designed thanks to the high level of integration and the ultra-low current consumption which allows the use of miniaturized batteries.


VDD Power Supply1.83.33.7V
TCXO Power Supply1.711.81.89V
TCXO Accuracy±1.5ppm
TCXO Long-term
Frequency Stability
TCXO Current1.7mA
RF Output Power Range-1812.5dBm
Filter insertion loss123dB
RF sensitivity-132dBm
RF Input Level10dBm
Frequency Range24002500MHz
Transmit Current24mARFOP = +12.5 dBm
Receive Current5.56.28.2mA
Sleep Current0.215uA
Communication Range2KM
Digital input level high0.8*1VBAT_IOVIH
Digital input level low0.2VBAT_IOVIL
Digital output level high0.9VBAT_IOVOH Imax = 2.5mA
Digital output level low0.1VBAT_IOVOL Imax = -2.5 mA
Operating Temperature-4025+85?C