• Semtech SX1262 Engine
  • Highly efficient integrated power amplifier
  • Excellent blocking immunity
  • Low Receive current
  • High sensitivity


The RYLR490 transceiver module features the LoRa long range modem that provides ultra-long range spread spectrum communication and high interference immunity whilst minimising current consumption.


VBAT_IO Power Supply1.83.33.7V
VBAT Power Supply1.83.33.7V
VDD_IN Power Supply1.83.33.7V
TCXO Accuracy±2ppm
TCXO Long-term
Frequency Stability
TCXO Current2.5mA
TCXO Rise time3ms
RF Output Power Range22dBmSX262 RFO
Filter insertion loss123dB
RF sensitivity-148dBm
RF Input Level10dBm
Frequency Range410490525MHz
RF Transmit Current118mARFOP = +22dBm
RF Receive Current5.3mADC-DC mode
OFF mode Current0.16uA
RF Switch Current10uA
Communication RangeKMOpen Space 125KHz
Digital input level high0.7*VBAT_IOVBAT_IO+0.3VVIH
Digital input level low-0.300.3*VBAT_IOVVIL
Digital output level high0.9*VBAT_IOVBAT_IOVVOH Imax = -2.5 mA
Digital output level low00.1*VBAT_IOVVOL Imax = 2.5mA
Operating Temperature-4025+85?C