Tracealyzer for Zephyr RTOS

Tracealyzer for Zephyr RTOS gives you a visual timeline that speeds up debugging. See how tasks execute and interact through Zephyr queues, semaphores, mutexes, etc. Measure CPU time, stack and heap usage. Find memory leaks. Log custom events in your code and see state diagrams and data plots. This trace solution gives new level of insight, enabling amazing products.

Tracealyzer for Zephyr RTOS

You don’t need any particular hardware to use Tracealyzer. The tracing can be done entirely in software, streaming the trace continuously over e.g. TCP/IP or a debug probe. This way, you can monitor your system over long periods of time and capture any issues.

Tracealyzer for Zephyr RTOS relies on a trace recorder library, provided with full source code. This can be integrated in an existing application within a few minutes, by following the Quick Start guide. Zephyr kernel and API events are traced automatically and the tracing is easy to set up. You may also log additional events in your application code, just like a printf call but with minimal overhead, and see the result in Tracealyzer.

Any processor can be supported and it works with essentially any C compiler. It is designed for 32-bit embedded processors, such as Arm Cortex-M MCUs, and can be configured for minimal RAM and ROM usage. We provide plugins and integrations for common development tools, including Eclipse/GDB, Keil MDK, IAR and Lauterbach.

Note that Tracealyzer supports several RTOSes as well as Linux tracing.