PCAN-FMS Simulator 2

Windows Software for Simulating CAN Data According to FMS Standard

PCAN-FMS Simulator 2

PCAN-FMS Simulator 2



The protocols FMS (Fleet Management System) and Bus-FMS provide a manufacturer-independent interface for reading vehicle-specific CAN data on heavy commercial vehicles and buses. The extensive and continually growing support of leading commercial vehicle and bus manufacturers allows cross-market telematics applications to be implemented.

For these types of developments, the PCAN-FMS Simulator 2 application made by PEAK-System provides the simulation of both standards in a single software application with an easy-to-use graphical user interface.

Single Software
PCAN-FMS Simulator 2 Options


  • Support of the standards:
  • FMS 01.00, 02.00, 03.00, and 04.00 (Truck FMS)
  • Bus-FMS 00.01, 00.02, 00.03, and 00.04
  • Activate and deactivate the different standards in the program
  • Manual simulation of CAN data at FMS input. Optional switchable automatic calculation for various signal values, such as fill level
  • Feed-in of CAN data using PCAN hardware at FMS input
  • Reproduction of trace files or a user-defined period of a trace file at the FMS input. A loop function can be used optionally
  • Possibility of simulating error statuses
  • Disconnection and connection of specific CAN messages
  • Graphic representation of FMS data with analog and digital instruments in a virtual cockpit with full-screen function
  • Configurable colored sections on the analog instruments
  • ISO-7000-compliant symbolic display of status signal values
  • FMS data output possible using a PEAK CAN interface
  • Recording of CAN messages in trace files
  • Recording of FMS data as CSV log files, for instance for further processing in Excel
  • Loading and saving of the entire simulation environment in project files (forward and backward compatibility with version 1 of the PCAN-FMS Simulator)

System requirements

  • Windows 11, 10, 8.1 (32/64-bit)
  • Microsoft .NET Framaework 2.0
  • At least 2 GB RAM and 1.5 GHz CPU
  • Free USB port for installation stick and copy protection dongle
  • For the CAN bus connection: PC CAN interface from PEAK-System

The Tour Mode

Beginning with version 2.5, specially pre-configured projects can be opened by the Tour Starter or directly with desktop icons. This mode doesn‘t require further settings. The display of the instruments is set to full-screen mode and the tour recording can be started. Besides the recording of trace and log data, additional information is collected for later analysis, like fuel consumption and average speed.

Features of the Tour mode:

  • Starting of specially pre-configured projects via the Tour Starter or desktop icons for recurring analysis and monitoring purposes
  • Recording of additional driving data, like fule consumption and average speed
  • Archiving Tour-specific records and driving data

Scope of Supply

  • Installations files for PCAN-FMS Simulator 2
  • Portable license with USB copy protection dongle
  • Documentation in HTML Help format (English and German)

Note: Software delivery on USB stick. Alternative installation media or download on request.