Bus Converter High-Speed CAN to Low-Speed CAN





The PCAN-TJA1054 bus converter establishes a connection between a High-speed CAN bus (ISO 11898-2) and a Low-speed CAN bus (ISO 11898-3). One of the most important potential applications of the bus converter is a simple connection between a PEAK CAN interface (e.g. PCAN-USB) and a Low-speed CAN bus.


Technical Specifications

  • Adapter from High-speed CAN to Low-speed CAN
  • Bit rates up to 125 kbit/s
  • CAN transceiver NXP PCA82C251 and TJA1055
  • Termination resistors for Low-speed CAN can be switched (560 Ohm / 5.66 kOhm)
  • Power LED
  • Error LED (Low-speed CAN)
  • CAN bus connection via D-Sub,9-pin (in accordance with CiA 303-1)
  • 5-Volt power supply through pin 1 of the High-speed CAN connection. Nearly all CAN interfaces by PEAK-System can provide the required supply
  • Extended operating temperature range from -40 to 85 °C (-40 to 185 °F)
PCAN-JTA1054 Pin Assignment

PCAN-JTA1054 Pin Assignment

Scope of Supply

  • Adapter in plastic casing
  • Manual in PDF format

Other transceiver types on request.