Bus Converter High-Speed CAN to Single-Wire CAN





The PCAN-AU5790 bus converter establishes a connection between a High-speed CAN bus (ISO 11898-2) and a Single-wire CAN bus (SAE J2411). One of the most important potential applications of the bus converter is a simple connection between a PEAK CAN interface (e.g. PCAN-USB) and a Single-wire CAN bus.

Technical Specifications

  • There are three different operating modes for the SW-CAN side which can be set using a sliding switch. Normal (33.3 kbit/s), High-speed (83.3 kbit/s) and Wake-up
  • Indicator LEDs for power supply (red) and wake-up signals (yellow)
  • 5-Volt power supply (150 mA) through HS-CAN connection (a current list of PEAK CAN interfaces with suitable supply voltage is available on request)
  • If the power supply has a current output lower than 150 mA, an additional 12-Volt supply is needed via the SW-CAN connector
  • Operating temperature range from
  • 0 to 70 °C (32 to 158 °F)

Scope of Supply

  • Adapter in plastic casing
  • Manual in PDF format

Other transceiver types on request.