PCAN-Cable OBD-2

CAN-DBD-2 Diagnostics Cable

PCAN-Cable OBD-2

PCAN-Cable OBD-2



Many modern motor vehicles have an OBD-2 interface for connecting various diagnostics and testing tools. This adapter cable can be used to access the contained CAN lines.

Technical Specifications

  • 9-pin D-Sub socket (in accordance with CiA 303-1)
  • OBD-2 connector – assigned for CAN only on:
    • Pin 6: CAN-High (J-2284)
    • Pin 14: CAN-Low (J-2284)
  • Length 1.0 m
  • Without termination resistors
  • All ODB-2 pins are mounted in the plug and can be assigned as desired

Scope of Supply

  • PCAN-Cable OBD-2

Other lengths and special cable makeup on request.