The Ixxat D-PDU API is a VCI 4 (Ixxat Virtual Communication Interface) driver add-on, providing a D-PDU interface for many different Ixxat PC boards and platforms. D-PDU is a standardized vehicle communication interface according to ISO 22900-2 (Vehicle Communication Interface), designed for automotive flash and diagnostic applications. Using the D-PDU API, compatible applications of various manufacturers can be easily executed and used with Ixxat PC interfaces and platforms.



  • Standardized vehicle communication interface for applications according to ISO 22900-2
  • Support of a wide range of Ixxat PCIe and USB based CAN (FD) interfaces
  • Support of the high performant embedded platforms FRC-EP170/190 and CANnector

Supported CAN Protocols/Interfaces

  • ISO 11898 raw protocol
  • UDS protocol
  • KWP2000 protocol
  • CAN J1939*
  • CAN OBD*

*available on request

Contents of delivery

  • Software as download from the website
  • Installation guide
  • License file for a PC-bound installation

Order number

1.02.0280.00000D-PDU API License