emotas CANopen Manager Stack

The CANopen Manager Stack by emotas extends the well-proven CANopen Master Stack by additional manager functions according to the CiA specification 302 “Additional Application Layer Functions”.

These additional functions are:

BootUp Manager (CiA 302-2)
The bootup manager implements the boot up behavior of a CANopen network as defined in CiA 302. The manager can be configured to check for mandatory and optional devices according there device types (0x1000) and identity data (0x1018) and inform the application about all devices.

Configuration Manager (CiA 302-3)
The configuration manager is able to check if the devices are configures as expected and if not, it can start a configuration process automatically. Configurations may be read from DCF files or Concise-DCF files.

Of course all CANopen master services as defined in CiA 301 are included. Generally, the CANopen manager stack should be used if the CANopen network is very dynamic with a varying number and types of CANopen slaves.

Additionally, there are optional extension modules for Redundant Networks (CiA 302-6) and Multi-Level-Networking (302-7) available.

emotas CANopen Manager Stack
emotas CANopen Manager Stack


  • ANSI-C CANopen source code stack
  • MISRA-C conform
  • Supports CANopen services of CiA 301 and CiA 302-2
  • Extension modules for further standards available
  • Available for many CAN-controller and CPU types
  • Comfortable user interface
  • Widely scalable and configurable

System requirements

  • ANSI-C compiler

Scope of delivery/Licensing

  • CANopen protocol source code (ANSI-C compatible)
  • Ready to run example applications
  • User manual and reference manual in electronic format available
  • Available as Project License (valid for 1 project and 1 hardware) or 
    Site License (1 development site valid for all products)
  • Incl. 6 months (Project License) or 24 months (Site License) support
  • Optional maintenance agreement
  • 1 named user license of CANopen DeviceDesigner included

Order number

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