CANopen Interfaces for SIMATIC
Industrial Automation Systems

The CANopen modules by HMS enable system integrators to easily and inexpensively integrate CANopen field devices with SIMATIC industrial automation equipment. The modules allow interaction between PROFIBUS or PROFINET controllers – such as the S7-1200 or ET200S device series – with CAN/CANopen fieldbus devices (gateways).

Siemens tool support

Fully integrated into the hardware catalog of TIA Portal or STEP 7. PLC function blocks available for fast integration.

CAN 2.0A mode

Supports implementation of any custom CAN based fieldbus protocol due to CAN 2.0A mode.

Cost-effective solution

Enables easy and inexpensive integration of CAN or CANopen based devices with Siemens equipment.

CM CANopen

For the SIMATIC S7-1200 PLC

1 SI CANopen

For the SIMATIC ET200S modular I/O system

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Typical applications areas

  • Control of motion devices in packaging machines or conveyor belts
  • Acquisition of encoder positions in wind turbines
  • Acquisition of measurement data from transducers, inclinometers or encoders
  • Control of hydraulic valves
  • Networking of medical devices
  • and more…