INpact EPL Slave PCIe

Versatile industrial Ethernet PC interface for Powerlink

The dedicated Powerlink version of the Ixxat INpact comes with a pre-installed network protocol. It enables the easy connection of PC-based Powerlink Slave applications to the industrial network and is based on proven Anybus and Ixxat technology.

INpact EPL Slave PCIe

Powerlink Features

  • Supports Ethernet Powerlink V2.0 Communication Profile Specification version 1.2.0 (Controlled Node)
  • Integrated hub
  • 100 Mbit/s, half duplex operation
  • 200 µs cycle time
  • Supports ring redundancy
  • Customizable identity information
  • Supports 1 TPDO and 1 RPDO (each can hold 1490 bytes)
  • Up to 57343 ADIs
  • Adaptable XDD file included
  • Supports segmented SDO transfer
  • PollResponse Chaining
  • Multiplexing
  • Support for SYNC functionality

Technical Services

Getting Started Support
We offer our customers support via phone, e-mail and Teamviewer in getting started the quickest way possible. This includes assistance in installation of the INpact PC card and driver, explaining the included programming examples, and giving an introduction to process data mapping and PLC configuration.

Additional Support
Extended support such as mapping process data, detailed introduction to the sample code, etc. can be offered on an hourly base as general technical service.

Technical specifications

Technical Specifications

Easy Programming

The INpact card comes with a comprehensive C-API based driver package for Windows – enabling simple and rapid development of customer-specific applications – and with drivers for Linux. Operating systems such as RTX, Intime, VxWorks and QNX are supported upon request.

Contents of delivery

  • Ixxat INpact PC board (Mini and M.2 version with additional bus interface board, cable and mini bracket)
  • Powerlink firmware pre-installed
  • Windows, Linux and INtime driver software
  • Manual

Order Information

Product nameSupported protocolOrder number
INpact EPL Slave PCIe Standard ProfilePowerlink1.01.0320.25110 *
INpact EPL Slave PCIe Low ProfilePowerlink1.01.0320.25120 *
INpact EPL Slave PCIe Mini with connection cable (150 mm), bus coupling unit and mini bracketPowerlinkon request
INpact EPL Slave M.2 with connection cable (150 mm), bus coupling unit and mini bracketPowerlinkon request
Connection cable (300 mm) for INpact PCIe Mini or M.21.04.0340.00001
* Please use the INpact CE variant (Common Ethernet) for new developments, this supports all offered Industrial Ethernet protocols.