Ixxat INpact Interfaces

Connect your PC to any industrial network!

Until now, it has been complicated to develop applications for several fieldbus or industrial Ethernet standards since different interface cards and application programming interfaces had to be used. Ixxat INpact now simplifies this thanks to its protocol-independent approach. Ixxat INpact is an “all in one package solution“, including the PC interface card, the protocol processing and driver interfaces for your application.

Ixxat INpact Interfaces

One for All

One for all

One board for all major industrial Ethernet networks and PROFIBUS

Highly Flexible

Highly flexible

Available as dedicated protocol variant or Common Ethernet variant – allowing switching of the protocol on the fly

Easy integration

Easy integration

Different form factors enable easy integration into existing environments

Standardized API

Standardized API

Easy switching between protocols without adaptation of the application through a standardized API

High performance

High performance

Powerful hardware for demanding real-time applications

Future Proof Solution

Future-proof solution

Based on approved and continuously maintained Ixxat and Anybus technologies

Inpact CE Slave PCIe

INpact CE Slave PCIe

Common Ethernet

Ixxat INpact Interfaces Inpact PIR Slave PCIe

INpact PIR Slave PCIe


Ixxat INpact Interfaces Inpact PIRFO Slave

INpact PIRFO Slave

PROFINET Fiber Optic

Common Ethernet or dedicated version?

The industrial Ethernet variants of the Ixxat INpact include two
complementary approaches to industrial Ethernet connectivity:

  • Dedicated versions 
    This boards come with a pre-installed network protocol for the selected Ethernet standard.
  • Common Ethernet (CE)
    The very flexible Common Ethernet solution allows to download the desired industrial Ethernet protocol into the standardized Ixxat INpact Ethernet hardware. This enables easy and cost-efficient switching between all available industrial Ethernet protocols, minimizing the need for keeping stock of different product versions.