Easy connection to CAN and CAN FD networks!

CAN interface boards and modules from HMS allow PC or embedded applications to access CAN networks with a unique variety of different interface standards. You select the card or module that suits your application, performance requirements or required unit costs.

High performance

High data throughput combined with low latency using up-to-date technology. On-board data pre-processing, filtering and accurate time-stamping on the card.

Easy to implement

Powerful driver and programming packages for Windows, Linux and real-time operating systems as well as higher layer API for CANopen.

Fits perfectly

Different form factors for desktop, industrial PC, mobile and even wireless connection.

Uniform API

Easily switch between different PC interface types – no software adaptation required!

Active and passive

Available as low-cost passive or active card with on-board controllers for data pre-processing.

Proven quality

Long-term availability plus high reliability due to highest quality standards at development and production.

Select your CAN interface series:

Feature table – fieldbus support and options

CAN InterfaceTypeOn-board µCGalv. IsolatedCAN HSCAN LSCAN FDLINFurther Options
CAN-IB640/PCIePCIeYesYes4 (max)4 (max)4
CAN-IB200/PCIePCIeYesoption1-41-40-4Low Profile
CAN-IB100/PCIePCIeoption1-41-4Low Profile
CAN-IB520/PCIe MiniPCIe MiniYes11
CAN-IB120/PCIe MiniPCIe Minioption1-2
CAN-IB630/PCIe 104PCIe 104YesYes22
CAN-IB230/PCIe 104PCIe 104YesYes2/40-10-1
CAN-IB130/PCIe 104PCIe 104Yes1-2
USB-to-CAN FDUSBYesYes1-21-21
USB-to-CAN V2USBYesYes1-20-10-1
USB-to-CAN V2 PluginUSBYesYes1-20-10-1
CAN@net NT 200/420EthernetYesYes2-40-2
CAN@net NT 100EthernetYesYes1
CAN@net II/VCIEthernetYesYes1
CANblue IIBluetoothYesYes1