Data Logger

Powerful and easy to configure logging solution for
CAN (FD) and LIN systems

With CANnector Log HMS provides an easy to use data logger with a large range of functions. It allows logging of CAN (FD) and LIN data to USB mass storage devices for analysis on PC – enabling predictive maintenance, surveillance of machines as well as error analysis. 

Data Logger

Data Recording

Data recording

Parallel data logging for CAN*, CAN FD, LIN and digital I/Os



Runs out of the box, but can be adapted to a wide variety of tasks by an easy to use configuration tool (drag&drop)

Data Storage

Data storage

Data storage on USB memory stick*, USB mass storage device or in the cloud

Various Data Formats

Various data formats


Optional Programming

Optional Programming

C user code with Eclipse based development environment and/or Matlab/Simulink models to extend the logger to your specific requirements



Browser-based visualization of online data on desktop PCs and mobile devices


CANnector Log

CANnector Log is a preconfigured version of the CANnector S device, enabling users to easily log CAN data without time consuming configuration. The four provided basic CAN logging configurations initialize all 6 CAN interfaces with 125 kbit/s, 250 kbit/s, 500 kbit/s, or 1000 kbit/s and log all received data in csv format. For logging a 16 GB USB memory stick is included. Data logging is executed autarkic on the device, a PC is only needed for a user specific configuration or visualization of live data.

Since CANnector Log is based on the common CANnector S variant, the device functionality can easily be adapted or enhanced by using the ACT tool – providing extended logging functionality or even bridge or range extender functionality.

CANnector Log


  • Up to 6 CAN buses (thereof 2 CAN FD capable)
  • Supports CAN listen only (CAN RX)
  • Switch-on on CAN (self switch on in case of any CAN communication or a defined message)
  • Extensive filter and trigger options to reduce data flooding
  • Storage to any USB memory device possible – no data restrictions
  • Easy access via USB, LAN or optional WLAN/WiFi, 4G
  • Signal-oriented or frame-oriented logging
  • Plug&Play, but also configurable/programmable
  • Standalone operation
  • Extended temperature range (-40 °C to 80 °C)
  • Galvanic isolation
  • DIN rail mountable

Logging Options

Preconfigured logging operations

  • Logging of CAN data from all 6 CAN interfaces
  • Frame based logging
  • Storing data on USB memory stick in CSV file format
  • Webserver for device management and log-file retrieval
  • Supported CAN baudrates 125 kbit/s, 250 kbit/s, 500 kbit/s, or 1000 kbit/s –depending on selection
  • Permanent logging without trigger or filtering

Advanved features via user configuration (using ACT)

  • Logging of CAN, CAN FD, LIN and IO data
  • Powerful trigger and filter settings via easy to use drag-&-drop configuration
  • Ringbuffer for pre-trigger recording
  • Signal based logging (based on imported bus description files)
  • Low power sleep mode and switch-on on CAN(FD)
  • Data storage on USB memory, PC or cloud
  • Remote device management (OPC UA, HMS-Hub)
  • LAN/USB/WLAN (optional WLAN module required) access for signal visualization
Advanced Features

Configuration & Operation

Configuration and Operation

CANnector Log is preconfigured and can be used directly without further configuration. However, for customers which require specific functionality – e.g. with message filtering or triggers – HMS provides easy to use tools to use the logger “your” way.

With the dashboard, that is accessible with a standard web browser via Ethernet, USB or WLAN (WiFi), the CANnector Log and the connected bus systems can be monitored, the different basic configurations can be selected, started and stopped on the device, log files can be uploaded to the PC, and live data can be visualized.

Configuration & Operation

ACT Tool
ACT is Windows based and allows the easy creation of configurations with or without bus description files via drag and drop. The ACT tool provides further configuration possibilities (e.g. changing triggers and filters).

ACT Tool

IxAdmin is included in the ACT tool. With IxAdmin the different basic configurations can be selected, started, stopped and downloaded to the device. Changing baud rate settings and uploading log files to the PC is also possible.


Technical Specifications

Dimensions (L x W x H)196 x 113 x 43 mm
Protection classIP40
WeightApprox. 790 g
Operating temperature-40 °C to +80 °C
Power supply6-36 V DC
Current consumptionTyp. 420 mA at 12 V (Sleep mode: typ. 7.5 mA at 12 V)
Housing materialAluminum, stainless steel
Relative humidity10-95 %, non-condensing
Host systemPower PC, 256 MByte RAM, 256 MByte Flash
Ethernet10/100 MBit/s, RJ45
USB2.0 high-speed device, USB-B
2.0 high-speed device, USB-A
CAN FD transceiverMicrochip MCP2562FD
CAN RX onlyHardware switchable
CAN high-speed transceiverTexas Instruments SN65HVD251
CAN bus termination resistorHigh-speed/CAN-FD: none
LIN transceiverNXP TJA1020

Contents of Delivery

  • CANnector Log
  • Cables for Ethernet, USB 
  • Hardware and user manual

Order Number

1.01.0091.01000CANnector Log *