J1939 Module

SAE J1939 Interpreter for canAnalyser

As an addition to the canAnalyser, the J1939 Module provides the display of received messages according to the SAE J1939 notation. This includes the interpretation of received J1939 messages and the extraction of Parameter Group Number, Source Address, Destination Address and transmitted Suspect Parameters with name, value and unit. Furthermore the Messages Priority, Data Page, Protocol Data Unit Format and Protocol Data Unit Specific Fields are displayed.

J1939 Module

Features and benefits

  • Simplifies analysis of SAE J1939 networks and devices
  • Direct display of all SAE J1939 messages according to SAE J1939 specification
  • Easy integration into canAnalyser test environment

How it works

The J1939 module allows the processing and interpretation of the J1939 transport protocol as well as the interpretation of diagnostic messages. Proprietary application messages can be interpreted if a user defined database with Parameter Group and Suspect Parameter definitions is provided. Such a database can be e.g. a XML file generated by the IXXAT SAE J1939 Designer.

To clearly arrange displayed J1939 messages, it is possible to set filters for Parameter Group Numbers as well as Source and Destination Addresses. Processing/documentation of the received messages can be made permanent or on command by a CSV export to an ASCII file.

System requirements

  • canAnalyser or canAnalyser-lite (Version 3.3.8180 or higher)

Contents of delivery

  • The module is part of the canAnalyser delivery, but must be installed separately
  • No additional license needed