Passive CAN FD Interface for PCI Express

1 x CAN FD, CAN (High-Speed), CAN (Low-Speed)

With the CAN-IB500/PCIe HMS offers a CAN FD interface based on a modern and modular architecture concept. The interface has one CAN channel which can send and receive either CAN FD (ISO or non ISO format) or CAN 2.0A/B messages.

Features and benefits

  • Economically priced passive card (no microprocessor on board)
  • One CAN channel (High-Speed CAN or CAN FD)
  • Optional Low-Speed CAN support with piggyback module
  • Galvanic isolation of the CAN interface
  • Uniform driver packages support all IXXAT CAN and CAN-FD interfaces and allow easy change of the PC interface type
  • Powerful programming interface for Windows “VCI” as well as “ECI” for Linux, QNX, RTX, INtime and VxWorks
  • Passive interface and suitable for applications with a mid-range data throughput.

Technical specifications

PC bus interfacePCI express (V1.1)
PC address rangePlug & Play
InterruptsPlug & Play
CAN interface1 CAN channel; CAN FD or CAN 2.0 A/B; Sub-D9 plugs according to CiA 303-1, galvanic isolation (1 kV, 1 sec.)
CAN bitrates10 kbit/s to 1 Mbit/s (high-speed)
10 kbit/s to 125 kbit/s (low-speed)
CAN FD bitratesArbitration rate up to 1000 kBit/s, data rate up to 8000 kbit/s. The data rates are verified by tests. User-defined bit rates are possible.
Attention: The maximum data rate can be exceeded depending on the concrete operating conditions (cable length, settings made, remote stations,…), but it can also not be reached.
Power supply3.3 V DC, 400 mA typ.
Temperature range0 ºC … +70 ºC
CertificationCE, FCC
SizeApprox. 65 x 105 mm (available as standard and low-profile version)

Contents of delivery

  • PC/CAN interface card, manual
  • CAN driver VCI for Windows 11, Windows 10 (32/64) / Windows 8 (32/64) / Windows 7 (32/64) / Windows XP SP2 (older versions on request)
  • Simple CAN monitor “canAnalyser Mini”

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