Range Extender Solutions

Enabling wired or wireless bridging of CAN (FD) networks to allow for large distances between test benches or devices under test and test/simulation tools.

Under the Ixxat brand HMS offers scalable solutions for range extensions – from simple non-intelligent repeaters for CAN / CAN FD for segmentation or simple galvanic isolation over intelligent bridges to powerful platforms supporting many different bus systems and providing conversion and interpretation functionality.

Range Extender Solutions

Application examples

CAN Repeaters

CAN repeaters and bridges enable bridging of CAN (FD) over large distances via Bluetooth, Ethernet or fiber optic

Bridging large Distances

CANnector-to-X – Bridging large distances
with flexible device combinations

Connection PC based

Connection of PC-based or mobile test and
analysis tools to FRC-EP / CANnector using long distance LAN or WLAN (WiFi) access


Versatile Gateway Modes

Versatile gateway modes

Easily choose between signal-based, frame-based and mixed mode operation with flexible sending methods on your choice

Various Data Formats

Various data formats

Support of DBC, LDF, ARXML, Fibex, ESI, MDF, BLF, ASC, CSV

Data Recording

Data recording

Parallel logging of the transferred data



C user code with Eclipse based development environment and/or Matlab/Simulink models to adapt the solution to your specific requirements

Easy Configuration

Easy configuration

Free configuration software (ACT freeware) for Windows allows easy and fast configuration

Connection Options

Connection options

Connection via Wireless LAN, Bluetooth, LAN, Ethernet, Fibre Optic

Scalable hardware for range extension solutions

ANnector, FRC-EP170/190, CAN / CAN FD Bridges and Repeaters 

Detailed hardware informationCANnectorFRC-EP170 / FRC-EP190CANbrigde NT / CAN@net NTCAN / CAN FD Repeaters
Number of CAN / CAN FD (max)8844
Industrial Ethernet supportEtherCAT (Slave)EtherCAT (Slave)*
*only FRC-EP 190
Digital IOs / Analog IN2/-4/2
Description file supportDBC, LDF, Fibex, ARXML, ESIDBC, LDF, Fibex, ARXML, ESI
Frame / Signal based configurationYes / YesYes / YesYes / –
Signal VisualizationWebbrowser / OPC UA / APPWebbrowser / OPC UA / APPAPP
Filter / PassYesYesYes
Data LoggerYes (USB, PC, Cloud)Yes (SD-card, USB, PC, Cloud)
Logger file formatsMDF, BLF, ASC, CSVMDF, BLF, ASC, CSV
Programming (C-User-Code)Yes (Eclipse IDE with Debugger)Yes (Eclipse IDE with Debugger)
Matlab / Simulink / RBSYesYes
Further Interfaces / ProtocolsB, ETH, WLAN, LIN, Bluetooth, OPC UA, FDX, XCPUSB, ETH, WLAN, LIN, K-Line, Bluetooth, FDX, XCP
Included ToolsACT – Advanced Configuration Tool
(easy configuration via drag & drop)
ACT – Advanced Configuration Tool
(easy configuration via drag & drop)
No Tool Required

Product selection for range extension with supported interfaces and order numbers

Product Selection
(A) Input or output per software switchable
(B) only CANnector and FRC-series: 6/8 CAN in total, thereoff max. 2/4 CAN-FD capable
(C) 4/6/8 CAN in total, thereoff max. 1/2 Low-Speed CAN capable
(D) 4 digital inputs/outputs (5 V TTL)
(E) 4 digital inputs (max. 34 V), 4 digital outputs (max. 34 V, 1 ampere)
(F) only CANbridge NT 420 and CAN@net NT 420: max. 4 CAN in total, thereoff max. 2 CAN-FD capable 

* CANnector Range  – based on CANnector S, ready2use with a basic range extending configuration