Easy coupling of networks and devices using
filters and simple translation rules.

Ixxat bridges, gateways and routers enable interconnection of CAN and CAN FD networks using either CAN technology, Ethernet, WiFi or Bluetooth. Filter and mapping rules or C user code allows smart decoupling of segments. Using bridges and gateways the maximum expansion of a CAN (FD) network can be increased, tree and star topologies can be implemented and networks can be linked over large distances.


Easy segmentation of networks and decoupling of components to increase reliability for the entire system.

Remote access

Interconnection and remote access either wired or wireless enables easy access to test benches and flexible access for configuration and service tools.

Cloud connection

MQTT, OPC UA, HMS Hub via Ethernet for cloud connection – enabling status, alarm and message display on mobile devices.

CANbridge NT 200/420

CAN and CAN FD, Up to 4 Chl

CAN@net NT 100/200/420

CAN, CAN FD, Ethernet, Up to 4 Chl


CAN (FD) with up to 8 (4) Chls, LIN, Dig. IO

CANblue II

CAN, Bluetooth


CAN (FD) with up to 6 (2) channels, FlexRay, LIN, Dig. IO


CAN (FD) with up to 8 (4) channels, max. 2 x FlexRay, LIN, Dig./Ana. IO

Application examples – How bridges and gateways are used

Interconnection of networks via wireless Bluetooth enables networking of hard to access or moving components.

Remote access for analysis via Ethernet as well as status and alarm messages on mobile devices using MQTT based cloud connection.

Bridging large distances via Ethernet to connect test benches and test systems.

Easy linking of automotive buses with HMS-Hub and OPC UA based applications.