ACT Freeware

The Advanced Configuration Tool (ACT) is a powerful and easy to use PC software package for Windows. The tool is used to create configurations for the CANnector and FRC-EP devices. After having created such a configuration, it is downloaded to the device and being executed there standalone.

The tool is available in three different expansion stages, the “freeware” variant is ideal for users who want to use the following functionality on the CANnector or FRC-EP series devices: 

LoggerGateway (in case of FlexRay RX only), UserCodeVisualization

ACT Freeware


  • Easy to use and free of charge
  • Drag&Drop
  • Intuitive configuration concept
  • One tool for all use-cases and all FRC-EP and CANnector hardware devices
  • Extendable by own code
  • No coding required
  • Usable on any PC
  • Upgradeable to a higher variant

Included functions/modules

Vehicle Editor
– Development tool
Gateway, including:
– FlexRay* / CAN / CAN FD / LIN / EtherCAT protocol support (*FlexRay RX only) 
– Analog / digital IO functionality
Signal / data logger
– Trigger
– Virtual buses
– EtherCAT extension for FRC-EP 190 and CANnector  
– Generic Ethernet – handling up to 16 “virtual CAN on Ethernet” buses / CAN@net
Signal visualization functionality / websockets
– DBC generator
– Status bus

Contents of delivery

  • Software as download from the webpage
  • Installation manual