Data communication solutions

for automotive applications

and test benches

Solutions for automotive test systems

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Data Logger

Data logger solution for various bus systems, easy to configure via drag and drop.

Gateway / Bridge

Versatile gateway solutions for CAN, CAN FD, FlexRay, EtherCAT and other bus systems.

Range Extender

Range extender solutions for all major bus systems to connect the test equipment over a long range.

Simulation & RBS

Residual Bus Simulation (RBS), Analysis and Functional Simulation based on Matlab/Simulink.

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Embedded Platforms

FRC-EP 170/190 and CANnector are powerful hardware platforms providing interfaces for wide variety of automotive networks

Advanced Configuration Tool (ACT)

ACT allows easy configuration of the FRC-EP and CANnector devices for analysis, test and simulation applications

CAN/CAN-FD Bridges and Gateways

Easy system expansion with filter and mapping functions as well as remote access

CAN, CAN-FD and LIN Interfaces

For PC-based and embedded control,
analysis and configuration


Tool for CAN, CAN FD, LIN
and Automotive Ethernet

CAN/CAN-FD Repeaters

For easy network protection, increased 
robustness and flexible networking