Railway Power Distribution

The high capacity utilization of railway network segments up to the highest load limit makes maximum availability of energy supply critical. In order to best prevent breakdowns and minimize downtimes, systems must be monitored and controlled centrally.

Railway Power Distribution

Retrofitting of existing assets

Retrofitting of existing assets

The SG-gateways enable easy retrofit of existing switchgear and other components to your protocol of choice.

Easy Configuration

Easy configuration

A user focused interface with no need for programming knowledge or external software makes this the perfect multitool in the field of communication within energy distribution applications.

Technical Service

Technical service

If you need help with the energy protocol configuration, our excellent technical service department is at your side during the whole project.

Ixxat SG-gateway – for all areas of railway energy management!

Fields of application

  • Retrofitting, e.g. enabling remote operation of so far manually operated switchgear
  • Remote control and monitoring for overhead power distribution
  • Digitalization of infrastructure power distribution
    – Signaling and traffic control
    – Stations
    – Service and maintenance plants

Designed for your needs

  • Adaptation and processing of data using a graphical programming interface
  • Simplified protocol configuration by using wizards
  • Fast installation and adjustment of parameters in the field since no additional tools are required
  • Fast plug & play installation after configuration
  • Support of the Norwegian User Convention (NUC)
  • A range of features, including OpenVPN and password protection, to keep your data and network secure
Fields Application