The SG-gateway configuration is fast and easy – all functions can be configured in a graphical way, without programming. This user focused approach safes you a lot of time and lets you focus on the important parts of your project.


Configuration and programming in 4 easy steps…

Configure IP Address

1 – Configure IP address

With the Ixxat IP configurator you can scan your network for any Ixxat SG-gateway and set up the IP settings.

Set Up Basics

2 – Set-up basics

User management, firewall, OpenVPN, SNTP and much more can be configured in the web-based interface.

Set Up

3 – Set up communication

Our wizards help you setting up all communication interfaces you need. No deeper technical knowledge is needed – just type in the attributes from your data point list.

Mapping and Programming

4 – Mapping and programming

Now you can map the values, add offset, program logic, set alarms and much more in our graphical programming interface. No programming skills required!

Backup and rollout

Backup your configuration as a whole or just parts of it.

In case similar parts are required in many different devices, the backup files can be uploaded in any other SG-gateway containing everything you set up before or just parts of it.

Configuration Backup and Rollout

Protecting your data

HMS integrated a range of security mechanisms into the Ixxat SG-gateways – with our support materials including videos and manuals you can make best use of these features to keep your data and network secure:

  • Password protection with password policy and support for user roles
  • OpenVPN client
  • TLS data encryption
  • Integrated firewall
Protecting Data

Troubleshooting features

The Ixxat SG-gateway comes with tons
of troubleshooting features like…

  • Eventlog
  • Network Ping
  • DNS Lookup
  • Network Sniff
  • Live data view

Troubleshooting Features