Maximizes Re-Use

The Tap maximizes hardware & software re-use from your existing designs and products

Duetware eliminates the need for software coding and hardware redesign when adding wireless in a new project or an existing product. Duetware-based modules connect either directly to the microcontroller (MCU) in an electronic system (TapNLink) or to an industry-standard RS232 or RS485 serial bus (TapNPass, Tapioca).

When connected directly to an MCU, modules use just 2 GPIO and support debugging (SWD), Serial or UART communication channels. For fieldbus-equipped, industrial systems, wireless devices support conneciton via RS232, RS485 and USB interfaces, and offer native support of Modbus protocol. In both cases Duetware non-intrusively reads and writes data values. With these capabilities, Duetware enables easy, rapid wireless integration for connection to mobile devices with:

  • Maximum reuse of existing designs & minimum resources requirements
  • Pre-implemented advanced features like NFC touch-to-pair
  • Qualified NFC, BLE & Wi-Fi with integrated antennas
  • Accessories for easy mechanical integration
TapNLink Duetware

Maximize Re-Use

Duetware-based wireless product maximize hardware & software re-use from your existing designs

Pre-implemented Features

Advanced features for wireless communication, security, mobile apps and connection to the cloud

Qualified Designs

Duetware-based wireless modules for Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and LoRa are certified for interconnection of electronic systems and mobiles

Get Plug & Play Wireless Products

Offer UI as apps to improve your users’ experiences. Add TapNLink to your electronic design and create custom UI apps with a simple configuration. No coding is required.

Provide HMI as apps to improve maintenance efficiency. TapNPass tools plug into fieldbus. With a simple configuration, create custom apps that meet your servicing requirements. No coding is required.

Offer HMI as apps to offer Industry 4.0 functionality on industrial equipment. Retrofit industrial systems with Tapioca, and create custom apps with a simple configuration. No coding is required.