TapNLink Bluetooth (BLE) wireless module

New STM32WB Bluetooth Modules Accelerate IoT Device and HMI Design

´No-code´ connectivity and ´Adaptable HMI Apps´ slash engineering effort for connected devices

The new TapNLink featuring the STMicroelectronics STM32WB Bluetooth chip, can be added directly to any microcontroller-based electronic device or system. Integrating it with the system requires no coding. Designers just make two electrical connections and configure the TapNLink with information about the target system.


With TapNLink modules, designers benefit from a host of automation, security and data handling features that are pre-implemented in the module´s firmware. These include dynamic encryption, configurable access control and NFC automated pairing of Bluetooth devices. These features improve the security, ease and efficiency of using Bluetooth to connect smartphones to IoT devices.

New Tap Manager Instantly Creates HMI on Your Mobile

This TapNLink module is also the first to benefit from IoTize´s new Tap Manager app with adaptable graphical interface. Tap Manager vastly simplifies the creation of human machine interfaces for any STM32-based electronic device. To create the HMI, a designer just uploads their firmware (ELF object file) in the app. This provides all the information required to access data in the target device. Directly in the app, the designer selects data and configures how it is accessed (read or write) and how it is represented graphically. There are no special tools, no coding, and no expertise required to create a graphical user interface. The Tap Manager is available for both Android and iOS.