Create Mobile HMI Apps for Android and iOS

‘No Code’ solution to create interfaces for appliances, sensors, and industrial equipment

Our Duetware solution and wireless products accelerate the creation of user interfaces that run as iOS and Android mobile apps. Easily get rid of those expensive LCD on your products by replacing them with tactile smartphone interfaces like this sample UI app. Our software ecosystem supports you with:

  • Automatic mobile app generation
  • Configurable access control for different users
  • Single solution for Android, iOS & Windows 10
  • Single target and multi-target apps
Site App Generator

No coding is required to create a new user interface. Just connect and configure your Duetware-based wireless product (TapNLink, TapNPass, Tapioca), and our IoTize Studio configuration software with App Generator do the rest.

UI Tailored to Users

Create graphical displays and controls for different users thanks to our pre-implemented, configurable access control

Single or Multi-Target Interfaces

Scalable solution meets any challenge from static single device to dynamic multi-user, multi-target interfaces

Cross Platform Solution

The Duetware speeds creation of user interface apps for iOS, Android and Windows

Free App Generator with Duetware-based Wireless Products

Offer UI as apps to improve your users’ experiences. Add TapNLink to your electronic design and create custom UI apps with a simple configuration. No coding is required.

Provide HMI as apps to improve maintenance efficiency. TapNPass tools plug into fieldbus. With a simple configuration, create custom apps that meet your servicing requirements. No coding is required.

Offer HMI as apps to offer Industry 4.0 functionality on industrial equipment. Retrofit industrial systems with Tapioca, and create custom apps with a simple configuration. No coding is required.