The RDO Core is an OEM offer featuring In-Situ’s patented, EPA-approved optical Rugged Dissolved Oxygen method. Renowned for its reliability, accuracy, and durability, even in the harshest environments, our RDO Technology includes Smart Sensor Caps for simple, error-free maintenance, Abrasion Resistance to extend the life and compatible conditions of the cap, Instant Hydration Conditioning, Smart Addressing, and more.

Start with the RDO Core and develop a product with the outer housing material, color, features, and dimensions of your own choosing.Choose the outer housing material, color, features, and dimensions. Select the cable and conductor colors that are familiar to your customers. Even design a custom accessory board with your own firmware or communication protocol, so that your RDO plugs right into the rest of your system and matches the ecosystem functionality you’ve worked so hard to build. 

RDO Core is also ready for incorporation into a machine or device, such as a camera or production equipment.

Choose from the RDO Core base model with standard Modbus RS485 Interface or the RDO Core Analog with two additional analog 4-20mA channels. If you plan to add your own accessory board, the base RDO Core model is for you.

RDO Core offers the most flexibility at a reduced cost, so you can build the best solution.


EPA Approved Method

RDO luminescence-quenching sensors have been proven effective through extensive lab testing, and the methodology has been approved by the United States EPA. RDO sensors do not consume oxygen and do not require water movement for accurate measurements.

Smart Sensor Cap

RDO sensing foils are calibrated at 90 discrete points, and the coefficients are stored in the replaceable cap. Simply press it on and you’re ready to go, no data entry or extra steps needed.

Abrasion Resistance

A unique, three-layer system provides unmatched chemical and abrasion resistance, extending the life of the sensor cap and expanding the range of compatible conditions.

Instant Hydration Conditioning

RDO sensors do not require 12-24 hours of hydration conditioning and read accurately within 90 seconds of going from dry to wet conditions.

Smart Addressing

All RDO instruments have an easy-to-configure Modbus interface, so they’re ready for integration into another system and access to data is reliable.

Liquid and Gas Formulation

The RDO system measures accurately in both liquid and gas, without requiring separate calibrations or change of settings.