The MPX4 is a cost effective multiprobe that integrates with plant control systems for long term installation using a local controller, direct connection or wireless telemetry. The probe can also be used for spot checking utilizing Bluetooth data collection. With interchangeable sensors, the probe replaces multiple instruments, reducing overall monitoring costs. Highly stable sensors require minimal maintenace and calibration.


In-Situ performs a multi-point factory calibration on every sensor. This calibration ensures that the sensor is linear across its full range and reduces the complexity of user calibration.

Low Maintenance Deployment

Keep labor and equipment costs down with advanced sub-2-inch passive and active antifouling on all sensors and 9+ month battery life. The ChemScan MPX4 is reliable in challenging environments and ideal for long-term deployments.

Enhanced Reliability

In-Situ equipment is designed to withstand use in the harshest environments. Features designed to prevent breakage or failure include:
• Interlocking sensors for greater stability
• Titanium restrictor
• Fully potted sensors
• Redundant SD card storage
• Multi-chamber design

Mini Calibration Cup

The ChemScan MPX4 uses only 50 mL of calibration solution for both rinsing and calibration. This feature reduces the calibration cost by 5x over traditional methods, saving thousands of dollars in calibration solution per year.