Use ammonia measurement to control nitrification in wastewater with modulated air control.

Recent advancements in colorimetric analyzers have made Ammonia-Based Aeration Control a preferred method for decreasing costs and optimizing oxygen concentration throughout the process of ammonia removal from wastewater. Our simple but robust system includes a low-maintenance, Ammonia/Nitrate analyzer and sample filter wand with a disposable filter element for cost-effective process control.

How In-Situ Help

Save on Energy Costs

Ammonia measurement can resolve inefficient water aeration and significantly lower energy costs by adjusting the aeration rate in response to changes in demand.

Improve Process Control

ABAC can balance effective biological process with efficient energy use to keep residual oxygen levels low and optimize ammonia removal.

Reduce Maintenance and Labor

Our simple system, with auto-zero and auto-clean functions, a disposable in-situ filter element, and wider-diameter tubing to reduce clogging will save you time and money.

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