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The Level TROLL 700H, available in a vented (35ft (11m)) configuration, exceeds USGS surface water stage-accuracy specifications. 3D factory calibration ensures accuracy across all field temperatures. And low-maintenance deployment saves on time in the field and cost. This premium instrument easily integrates with accessories and in-well mounted telemetry systems. Add HydroVu Data Services for real time feedback on all of your water monitoring sites.


USGS Stage Accuracy

As the most accurate water level data logger on the market, the Level TROLL 700H exceeds the USGS surface water specification of ±0.01 foot, achieving accuracy of ±0.01 foot up to 15 feet and ±0.1% of reading >15 feet.

3D Factory Calibration

Piezoresistive titanium pressure sensors are calibrated across full pressure and full temperature for accuracy across all field temperatures and certified for NIST® traceable factory calibration.


Use the powerful VuSitu mobile app to view results instantly from your smartphone or tablet when connected to the Wireless Rugged TROLL Com. Features include Log Setup Assistant, Universal Data File, and Simple Data Management for improved efficiency and results.

Certified Calibrations

In-Situ performs an independent check on every sensor to confirm that it was manufactured and calibrated correctly.

Vented System

Venting the cable and instrument removes the atmospheric pressure and provides the greatest system accuracy.

Low-Maintenance Deployment

Save time and reduce trips to the field with ultra-low-power electronics and long-life batteries. Add telemetry to the system to automate data collection and barometric compensation. Hydrophobic Filters and replaceable desiccants extend deployment and instrument life.


Surface Water

Monitor inland or coastal water easily and accurately with equipment designed to work together.

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