Rugged TROLL 100 Data Logger


Rugged and affordable, this non-vented (absolute) water level logger featuring 3D factory calibration and enhanced reliability will operate for years maintenance free. Easily program and download data with the Rugged TROLL Docking Station or Wireless Rugged TROLL Com and VuSitu App (sold separately). Setup, view and download logs directly from your mobile device using a Wireless Rugged TROLL Com and the VuSitu app.

Available in pressure ranges up to 250 ft (76 m), the Rugged TROLL 100 is 2.62 cm (1.03 in) in diameter and comes with 2MB of memory, with 120,000 data sets and 360,000 data points. Use a suspension wire and the backshell hanger (included) to deploy the equipment.


3D Factory Calibration

Pressure sensors are calibrated across full pressure and full temperature for accuracy across all field temperatures and certified for NIST® traceable factory calibration.

3D Factory Calibration Rugged TROLL 100 Data Logger

Enhanced Reliability

Titanium and sealed construction outperforms and outlasts specially coated data loggers. And a sealed battery reduces potential leak paths.

Enhanced Reliability Rugged TROLL 100 Data Logger


Use the powerful VuSitu mobile app to view results instantly from your smartphone or tablet when connected to the Wireless Rugged TROLL Com. Features include Log Setup Assistant, Universal Data File and Simple Data Management for improved efficiency and results.


Extended Shelf Life

The battery indicator on Rugged TROLL 100 and 200 instruments is controlled by an algorithm so that it will not count down until your unit is deployed and has taken at least 1,000 readings or is more than 9 months past its manufacturing date.

Extended Shelf Life



Continuous Groundwater Monitoring

Measure water level and water quality over time at local or regional scales.

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