Designed specifically for aquifer characterization, the Level TROLL 700, with titanium construction, 4 MB memory that holds 260,000 data points, higher data resolution, and advanced logging modes, is the professional’s choice for accurate and reliable results.The Level TROLL 700 provides continuous monitoring of water level, water pressure, and temperature. Available in pressure ranges up to 500 psig for vented configurations and 1000 psia for non-vented configurations.

This premier data logger is ideal for specialized applications. 3D factory calibration and our unique anti-drift system ensure accuracy. Low-maintenance deployment saves on time in the field and cost. And with our shared ecosystem, you can easily integrate instrumentation, in-well telemetry, and HydroVu Data Services.


3D Factory Calibration

Piezoresistive titanium pressure sensors are calibrated across full pressure and full temperature for accuracy across all field temperatures and certified for NIST® traceable factory calibration.

Certified Calibrations

In-Situ performs an independent check on every sensor to confirm that it was manufactured and calibrated correctly.


Use the powerful VuSitu mobile app to view results instantly from your smartphone or tablet when connected to the Wireless Rugged TROLL Com. Features include Log Setup Assistant, Universal Data File, and Simple Data Management for improved efficiency and results.

Anti-Drift System

Kevlar-reinforced cables eliminate cable stretching that can appear as drift. Piezoresistive Titanium Sensors maintain their pressure for years. And top-of-the-line, tight tolerance electronic components hold up over time.

Shared Ecosystem

Reduce complexity and cost with equipment that works together. All Level TROLL products use the same ecosystem—from handheld to cable to communication.


Continuous Groundwater Monitoring

Measure water level and water quality over time at local or regional scales.

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Monitor groundwater, surface water and air, both during and after in-situ treatment of contaminated groundwater.

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Aquifer Characterization

Estimate aquifer hydraulic properties by analyzing changes in head over time.

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