Level TROLL 500 Data Logger


The Level TROLL 500 is ideal for continuously logging measurements of water level, water pressure and temperature. Available in vented (gauged) pressure ranges up to 500 psig for automatic atmospheric compensation. Sensors calibrated across the full pressure and temperature range deliver accurate data. And solid titanium construction stands up to the most extreme conditions.

Easily integrate this versatile, sub-1-inch instrument with accessories and in-well telemetry. Pair with VuLink and HydroVu Data Services to enable remote data access and automatic event alerts. Smart Addressing on all In-Situ equipment ensures that each parameter is always mapped to the same Modbus address, allowing you to connect any device to the same data logger without having to reprogram when logging the same parameter.


Vented System

Venting the cable and instrument removes the atmospheric pressure and provides the greatest system accuracy.

Vented System Level TROLL 500 Data Logger

Low-Maintenance Deployment

Reduce trips to the field with ultra-low-power electronics and long-life batteries. Add telemetry to the system to automate data collection and barometric compensation. Hydrophobic Filters and replaceable desiccants extend deployment and instrument life.

Low Maintenance Deployment

Anti-Drift System

Kevlar-reinforced cables eliminate cable stretching that can appear as drift. Piezoresistive Titanium Sensors maintain their pressure for years. 3D calibration across the full range of pressure and temperature avoids drift across temperature. And premium tight tolerance electronic components hold up over time.

Level TROLL 500 Data Logger

Remote Monitoring

Gain real-time access to your data via the HydroVu cloud-based platform. View historical trends. Drill down into details like timeframe, location, parameter or user-defined labels. Set multi-condition alarms for proactive response.

Remote Monitoring Level TROLL 500 Data Logger

Shared Ecosystem

Reduce complexity and cost with equipment that works together. All Level TROLL products use the same ecosystem—from handheld to cable to communication.

Shared Ecosystem


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