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The BaroTROLL Data Logger with can be used with the Aqua TROLL 100/200 or Level TROLL 400/700 water level loggers for atmospheric compensation. Or use it with vented systems to calculate barometric efficiency. Sub-1-inch construction fits smaller-diameter wells and user-friendly Baro Merge software efficiently post-corrects multiple data logger files from a single unit. Get reliable data and years of service from this rugged instrument with titanium construction and long-life batteries. And easily connect to your telemetry for real-time data and alerts.


Baro Merge Software

Baro Merge software automatically post-corrects water level measurements for you. Options include a fixed correction (default) applied to all selected data; manual entry of two or more correction values to apply to the data log; or the BaroTROLL log file—correction of individual level sensor points logged during the same general time period. Easily graph data, generate reports and export to Excel or other applications.

3D Calibration

Piezoresistive titanium pressure sensors are calibrated across full pressure and full temperature for accuracy across all field temperatures and certified for NIST® traceable factory calibration. Kevlar reinforced cables eliminate cable stretching that can appear as drift.

Shared Ecosystem

Save time and money with equipment that works together. Share handhelds, cables, Rugged Twist-Lock connections and accessories among applications.