Measure level in a limited space with the In-Situ MACE EchoFlo. Patented Digital Signal Processor (DSP) technology enables deployment with a minimal two-inch (50mm) dead band and narrow beam width. This versatile sensor is easy to configure using the free EchoCal software and economical to purchase and install. It allows for maximum fill in small pipes and tanks and holds up in dirty, sticky and corrosive media. The EchoFlo can be deployed in a diverse array of applications and is ideal for use in control-automation settings where non-contact level measurement is desirable and necessary.


Compact and Rugged Design

The EchoFlo has a compact design for flexible mounting options and operates virtually maintenance free in harsh environments

Easy to Configure and Install

Simple installation procedures and point-and-click configuration using free EchoCal software; no proprietary coding knowledge required.

Expanded Connectivity

Compatible with I/O card, which provides 12VDC power and monitoring for 4-20 and frequency inputs.



Collect accurate process chemistry measurements and water monitoring data to ensure system optimization and compliance.

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Monitor and track irrigation flows at farm turnouts and distribution points.

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