The Doppler Ultrasonic Insert Velocity Sensor combines Doppler technology with a unique insertion design that enables operation in pipes from 4” to 100”. This form factor can easily save thousands on installation costs in large pipes while delivering the accuracy and reliability you need. Install and maintain without shutting down pipe flow, and keep your total cost of ownership low with Low-Maintenance Deployment. No calibration and no breakable moving parts mean your system is virtually maintenance free. Use in full or partially full pipes with the EchoFlo depth sensor.


Versatile Sensing Area

Avoid the expense of electromagnetic flow meters with a versatile insertion sensor. The installation cost of for In-Situ’s Doppler meter is the same, whether for an 8″ or 48″ pipe. This can easily save $10,000 to $100,000 vs. the cost of buying and installing a electromagnetic meter.

Live-Tap Insertion Sensor

The insertion sensor’s innovative design enables quick in-line installation into any pipe with only one live tap.

Optimized Cost of Ownership

In-Situ’s Doppler Insertion Sensor combines easy installation with low-cost maintenance and built-in tamper resistance.

True Velocity

With MASP Technology sensors see the full pipe and use continuous-wave Doppler and advanced signal processing to give an average velocity across the whole stream profile in pipes up to 100 inches in diameter.



Collect accurate process chemistry measurements and water monitoring data to ensure system optimization and compliance.

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Monitor and track irrigation flows at farm turnouts and distribution points.

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Monitor level, quality and flow continuously to establish baseline parameters and see changes during storm events.

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