The IP68 HVFlo system supports Doppler velocity and level measurement sensors for challenging environments in which the system could get fully submerged. Advanced spectrum signal processing produces superior results under a wide range of hydraulic operating conditions. Even under full pipe, surcharge, or reverse flow conditions, HVFlo produces accurate, repeatable results.Combine with optional telemetry and HydroVu Data Services interface for remote, long-term monitoring applications.



In-Situ XCI platform is telemetry ready. The integrated WebComm card enables data communication over GSM cellular networks. Get the real-time visibility you need through HydroVu’s Network-Wide Visibility, Multi-Condition Alarms, Calculated Parameters, and Application Programming Interface (API) for integrating the data with any platform.

True Velocity

With MASP Technology, sensors see the full pipe and use continuous-wave Doppler and advanced signal processing to give an average velocity across the whole stream profile in pipes up to 100 inches in diameter.


Use the ZX SnapStrap to install a Doppler ultrasonic sensor inside pipes ranging in size from 225mm (8?) to 810mm (32?) in minutes.



Collect accurate process chemistry measurements and water monitoring data to ensure system optimization and compliance.

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Monitor level, quality and flow continuously to establish baseline parameters and see changes during storm events.

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