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The AgriFlo XCi monitors diverse inputs such as irrigation flows, farm wastewater flows, water quality, dam levels, soil moisture, and pump/engine management systems. It’s easy to install, easy to use and virtually maintenance-free. Choose from multiple cards for a variety of applications and easily configure your system with MACE FloCom+ software.

MACE Doppler ultrasonic velocity sensors have no moving parts to obstruct flow, allowing them to excel in even in trash-laden water and animal waste. Keep your costs down and your equipment in service, delivering the data you need.


Optimized Cost of Ownership

In-Situ’s Doppler Insertion Sensor combines easy installation with low-cost maintenance and built-in tamper resistance.

Complete Monitoring Solution

In-Situ’s complete monitoring solution, with HydroVu, XCi controllers, flow sensors, batteries, solar panels and mounting adapters works better than any pieced-together solution.

Expandable Instruments

Run up to five sensors from a single device to expand as your business grows. Cost per monitoring system is significantly less than the cost for competitors’ systems.

Expanded Connectivity

The XCi system expansion cards enable the system to integrate with any SDI-12 devices or pulse meter.


The XCI platform is telemetry ready. The integrated WebComm card enables data communication over GSM cellular networks. Get the real-time visibility you need through HydroVu’s Network-Wide Visibility, Multi-Condition Alarms, Dashboards and Calculated Parameters functionality.

Integrated Flume & Weir Equations

FloCom+ provides the equations for all standard pipe and structures built into the software.

True Velocity

With MASP Technology sensors see the full pipe and use continuous-wave Doppler and advanced signal processing to give an average velocity across the whole stream profile in pipes up to 100 inches in diameter.


Use the ZX SnapStrap to install a Doppler ultrasonic sensor inside pipes ranging in size from 225mm (8?) to 810mm (32?) in minutes.



Monitor and track irrigation flows at farm turnouts and distribution points.

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